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The Second Open Call Round

Applications for the Second CommuniCity Open Call are now closed


12 September 2023
31 October 2023
May 2024
Opening the second round of CommuniCity Open Calls for Applications
Closing of the CommuniCity Open Call for Applications
Evaluation of the applications by the expert juries and selecting the second round pilots.
Launching the piloting phase and first payments for the pilot teams.
End of piloting phase and second payments.

Up to 38 applications to be awarded with grants

The second round of CommuniCity Open Calls expands the first Open Call and awards up to 38 pilot teams with grants. The Partnering Cities have invited the cities of Aarhus, Breda, Prague and Tallinn to join the second round of Open Calls. These so-called Replicator Cities have identified local needs in collaboration with their residents and introduced these as additional challenges for the second CommuniCity Open Call for Applications.

Some of the Replicator Cities offer opportunities for cross-border pilots which are executed in collaboration with the partnering cities of Amsterdam, Helsinki and Porto. Each of the chosen teams receives a grant of 12.500 euros (VAT 0%) and if cross-border pilots are executed, the teams can apply for additional grants with amounts of 5.000 euros and 10.000 euros. In addition to grants, it is expected that additional financial contributions and other resources are allocated to the pilots by the piloting teams. These resources may consist of direct monetary support, or in-kind contributions.

The deadline for submitting applications for the second round of CommuniCity Open Call for Applications is 31 October 2023 at 17 CET. Applications are submitted by using an online form. Teams may submit several applications, but only one proposal per challenge. The pilot teams who participated for the first CommuniCity Open Call round are eligible to apply for the second round.

In addition to addressing the city-specific challenges with sufficient resources, applications are expected to contribute to the following outcomes as outlined in the EU Horizon Call:

  • Increased societal uptake of new technologies and knowledge-based solutions, achieved through better understanding of societal needs and higher societal acceptance.
  • Increased place-based innovation and experimentation, through testing of up to 100 innovative new solutions in partnership with cities and local communities, research and industry, drawing on local characteristics and strengths.
  • Increased innovation capacity across Europe, through new models of co-creation and exchange of good practices and learning from experimentation, so that innovative solutions are shared and adapted to the needs of local communities.

City Challenges:


Replicator City Aarhus

Replicator City

Replicator City

Replicator City Tallinn

What happens after submitting the application?

All the eligible applications will be evaluated in a transparent manner by the cities of Amsterdam, Helsinki, Porto and replicator cities Aarhus, Bred, Prague and Talinn. The evaluation juries are appointed by these cities and they consist of 3–5 expert members. The jury provides an external perspective on innovation, and assesses the excellence and impact of the proposed solutions. Also the capacity of the piloting team to deliver the pilot with the defined resources are evaluated together with the co-creation capacities.

All eligible applicants will receive scores for their application after the evaluation has been completed by the end of November 2023.  The evaluation criteria and the detailed assessment process are described in the Call for Applications documents. The awarded applicants will receive a Piloting Contract together with their scores and further information on the piloting process by email.

Once the Piloting Contracts have been signed, the experimentation phase is launched in December 2023. Each of the host cities has the responsibility to ensure that pilot activities are carried out in accordance with CommuniCity objectives, in addition to addressing the locally identified needs and requirements of their region. During the 1–5-month piloting period, the CommuniCity Consortium partners will provide the piloting teams with various levels of support to ensure they deliver their solutions in an agreed manner, within the budget and in due time. It is expected that all the pilots are finalised by the end of May 2024.

Support for the Applicants

Q&A page answers the questions sent by email to In order to be transparent and deliver equally the same information for all the applicants at the same time, all the questions presented will be made public on this page. Questions are answered collaboratively by the CommuniCity Consortium partners within three working days.