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Aarhus Pilot


Challenge: How can technology ease the process of setting up a bank account for foreigners?

Duckwise ApS – A collaborative approach to simplifying bank account setup for the international workforce in Aarhus Municipality

This pilot project aims to streamline the process of opening bank accounts for the international workforce in Aarhus Municipality. The current inefficient process poses challenges for internationals, Citizen Services, banks, and companies. By embracing a user-centred, iterative approach rooted in design thinking, we seek to identify challenges and create a valuable and impactful solution that simplifies and expedites the process.

The anticipated outcome will benefit not only Aarhus Municipality but also have the potential for replication in other municipalities, offering a feasible cross-municipal solution. Through co-creation with key stakeholders, we aim to foster innovation, collaboration, and creative problem-solving to address the challenges faced by the international workforce. This project exemplifies our commitment to a user-driven, replicable solution that can enhance the lives of internationals and streamline administrative processes for all involved parties.