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Open Calls

CommuniCity  Open Calls

CommuniCity project launches three rounds of Open Calls that provide grants for 100 innovative pilot proposals. The pilots leverage AI and other emerging technologies in addressing the needs of cities and communities. The Open Calls invite companies and associations to participate in a process of co-creation, where citizens, associations, city officials, and policy makers come together to improve the quality of life for citizens. A specific focus will be given on addressing the EU Green Deal targets, and all proposals must contribute to the societal, urban, technological, cultural, and economic development of Europe. 

The Open Call proposal submission, selection, and approval will be made in a transparent and competitive manner. CommuniCity Open Calls are open to all legal entities that can guarantee performance and fulfill the criteria stated in the Invitation for Proposals.

There are three rounds of Open Calls in total. Each Open Call round will select a predetermined number of Pilot proposals to be funded. 

First Open Call

The first round of Open Calls takes place in the cities of Amsterdam, Helsinki, and Porto, and is based on needs identified in these cities. The objective of the First Open Call is to take advantage of the three partner cities’ extensive experience and capacity to deploy agile pilots of innovative solutions in real life settings. The learnings from this first round are used as the foundation for the other two Open Call rounds.

The First Open Call offers up to 18 Pilot Grants distributed among the cities of Amsterdam, Helsinki, and Porto. The grant amount is fixed at 12.500 Euros per Pilot.

Second Open Call

The second round of CommuniCity Open Calls mimic and expand the First Open Call process, adding four more cities to the piloting locations. These four additional cities will identify local needs and introduce these as new themes for the Second Open Call, in addition to the themes presented by Amsterdam, Helsinki, and Porto. 

This round utilises the First Open Call’s experience in order to share the best practices to the participating cities, and to expand the CommuniCity Piloting Toolkit for the European cities and beyond. With this enhanced set of tools, seven cities across Europe collaborated in piloting, with the initial three cities acting as coaches offering peer support to the four new cities. This round also promoted the pilots as well as encourages cities and communities to join the CommuniCity piloting programme at the EU-Level Open Calls round.

Third Open Call

The third round of CommuniCity Open Calls expands the piloting programme to full European Union level. The final Open Call round builds on the learnings from the previous Open Calls, and presents a model for permanent piloting through open calls. The emphasis is in raising awareness and interest in deploying CommuniCity approach for increasing societal uptake of new technologies and solutions to match the needs of the cities and hard-to-reach communities. 

The Third Open Call challenges cities and communities across Europe to put forward specific local needs and possible solutions to be tested resulting from European Union Research & Innovation outputs. The pilots will receive funding and support via a CommuniCity Toolkit, complemented by the expertise support from the network of CommuniCity partners. This final Open Call and funding is managed by OASC. The challenges will be published in September 2024.

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