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Find a partner for your application

CommuniCity’s Matchmaking Platform is an agile way for citizens, companies, organizations, and tech providers to find a partner for their tech pilots.

Are you a tech provider looking to contribute to your community’s needs? A citizen in search of a partnering company? A University or a Municipality looking to collaborate? Don’t worry! Submit your query to the Matchmaking Platform and find a match for a piloting team.

Fill the form below explaining your role, what you can offer, and what you need in a partnership for a piloting solution.

The message will be added to the Message Board of the Matchmaking Platform, becoming visible to all visitors. Your contact information will be preserved.

Interested partners must then contact us by email ( and explain briefly how they can match the need solicited on the board. Then, we will facilitate contact between the two parties, for a potential and successful piloting team.

Message Board

"We are a University/Research Organisation looking for a Tech Company"
Location: Porto

We want to elaborate on an idea/project of our institution (dedicated to scientific research and technological development, technology transfer, and advanced consulting). If you are a technology company looking for projects to cooperate with, write to:

    I am a:*
    I am looking for:*

    "We are a tech company in Helsinki looking for an organization or a community need to contribute"

    We are a tech company expert in mobile applications looking for an organization or a community to team up. Must already have a solution in mind. Please contact.