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Key Ethical Points

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Key ethical points of piloting and community engagement

  1. Your pilot should be centred around the needs of vulnerable and marginalised communities.
  2. While working with the communities, the ‘do no harm’ principle is at the core of all engagement activities.
  3. Your social skills matter. Please, pay special attention to power structures and hierarchies in all engagements. 
  4. Invest time and effort in your pilot design and make sure you have considered the social context, key stakeholder groups, language used for communication, and the impact generated by the pilot on all parties throughout the pilot’s lifeline.
  5. We value creating AI and broader technological solutions with and for the communities rather than ‘testing’ the solutions on their members.
  6. Co-creation also applies to the relation between tech provider and association.
  7. We believe in Fair AI (MIM5).
  8. Transparency and explainability matter, as well as privacy, data protection and responsible data use.
  9. We aim to learn from this project together: you may be able to dedicate time to our research needs. We want to learn from both our successes and failures. Our research will follow the principles of RR&I and other applicable research ethics principles.
  10. Responsibility and accountability are among the core values while engaging with vulnerable and marginalised communities. This engagement should be mutually rewarding.
  11. Open mind and flexibility will be needed while piloting: you will be collaborating with people with diverse backgrounds, also in a professional sense – beyond the members of AI/technological world, we are civil servants, managers, researchers, social innovation experts, and the list continues.