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Breda City

In Breda, ‘enjoying life’ seems to have been invented. A bustling city in a historic setting. The Dutch royal family was founded here 600 years ago. Many monuments and greenery remind us of this royal period. You can enjoy this atmosphere in the countless lively restaurants, cafes and terraces and also in the peaceful, vast nature. Breda is also a city of modern street art, an international transport hub, high standard education, a world-famous dance culture and an innovative business community. Breda brings it together.

At the same time, there is also a visible difference in Breda between less and more privileged people. With the city program “Verbeter Breda” (Improve Breda), the city is working toward more equality regardless of where its citizens grow up, aiming to fulfil this within one generation. Breda is also committed to responsibly facilitating digitalization in the city. Embracing digitalization presents Breda with new paths to tackle societal issues while remaining mindful of associated risks, and ethical considerations, and ensuring inclusion for those who cannot or are unwilling to keep up with developments.

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Christa Nieuwboer