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Innovative Solutions Responding to the Needs of Cities & Communities

CommuniCity is a transformative citizen-centred EU funded project. It will launch 100 Tech Pilots in Europe in urban and peri-urban areas to empower marginalised communities. We are working together with companies, organisations, associations, tech providers, and citizens to develop solutions to overcome digital and urban challenges.

The project builds on awarded European as well as national and local innovation programmes, methods, living labs and platforms. It brings the learnings of these together and devises an inclusive, community-driven, agile innovation, and experimentation model.

Community first

Through this model, CommuniCity engages in co-creation processes first involving local communities in the definition of local challenges, and then in the development of innovative solutions through Open Calls. These will be promoted at the national, regional and European levels. The project will provide new insights into local community innovation processes, and apply inclusive and sustainable models to allow the solutions to be replicated and scaled-up across Europe. 

Community for a better future

The core partner cities (Amsterdam, Helsinki and Porto) are leading smart communities of co-creation aiming to push the frontier of community-driven innovation. The consortium is highly experienced in such approaches and initiatives, since CommuniCity represents a continuation of the successful H2020 OrganiCity and SynchroniCity projects.

Project Partners

Meet the organisations that are involved in the CommuniCity project


Find here some key definitions to better understand what CommuniCity is about. 

Open Call
Open to all legal entities who can guarantee performance and fulfil the criteria stated in the Open Call documents.
Pilot Cities
Refers to the cities where the pilots will be deployed. After the second pilot round in 2023, this signifies the cities of Amsterdam, Helsinki, Porto and the replicator cities.
Replicator Cities
Cities that have joined the CommuniCity initiative after the Second Open Call through presenting their interest and proposals for local challenges.
Cross-border Pilots
Pilots that have their development crossing geographic borders and count with more than one city supporting them.
Pilot Team
A team conducting a pilot, typically a start-up, a group of experts representing a bigger company or a registered association.
Financial Support
Reimbursement of some or all of the eligible costs in accordance with the agreement terms. During the first piloting round, the maximum amount of support for each Piloting Group is 12.500 Euros.
Pilot Results
Any tangible or intangible outputs of the pilots. Also including Intellectual Property Rights.
Piloting Round
A round of simultaneous CommuniCity pilots running in the Pilot Cities. Several individual pilots are executed as a bundle to find solutions to challenges defined in the three rounds of Open Calls.
Marginalised communities are typically under-represented people in public life. These groups may face barriers to engagement because there isn’t a solid level of trust and representation between the public body and the community.


Brand Manual

Brand Manual


Project Logo

Project Logo