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Revolutionizing conversations with MOKIN – An AI Interpreter for Status Holders

MOKIN is more than just a translation tool, it’s a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for interviews with status holders. Developed in response to the inadequacies of traditional translation programs like Google Translate, MOKIN addresses privacy concerns and language limitations head-on.

By capturing entire conversations in both languages and incorporating a summary generation feature, MOKIN ensures seamless communication while safeguarding sensitive information. This pilot initiative based in Amsterdam showcased MOKIN’s effectiveness through rigorous testing and user feedback. Co-creation activities, including user interviews and continuous refinement, were integral to the process. The results spoke volumes – it proved its suitability, with plans underway to scale its use and enhance features based on user needs.

In the process of co-creation with stakeholders and the target groups, the pilot team has learned about different data collection methods and has worked closely with translators to validate the quality of the data for each use case. They have also learnt how the language model could have a place in the participation and integration process with the IT infrastructure of the Municipality of Amsterdam. Finally, they have learnt that the target group, the status-holders (refugees) often speak other Arabic dialects (Syrian) which is different from international Arabic.

With Arabic (Syrian) as the initial language and plans to incorporate Tigrinya and Farsi, MOKIN is on the brink of widespread implementation. Their commitment to openness and collaboration remains unwavering as they work towards enhancing MOKIN’s capabilities and expanding its reach.