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Empowering Low-Literate Citizens of Amsterdam with Toklie´s help​

Tolkie, an innovative AI-powered tool, developed in Amsterdam, is a pilot from CommuniCity first round of Open Calls, aimed at empowering low-literate citizens in Amsterdam. The tool has been designed to enhance reading assistance capabilities by simplifying entire texts for those with low literacy levels. The piloting process involved ideation, testing, and design iterations to refine the tool’s functionality. Key features include the conversion of text to accessible language below Dutch B1 level, presented in a user-friendly bullet-point format with a single button press. This groundbreaking innovation makes texts more accessible without imposing additional time or effort on organizations.

Crucially, co-creation activities were integral to the pilot, ensuring the tool’s effectiveness and usability through testing with the target audience. Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, with users appreciating the simplicity and effectiveness of Tolkie in bridging literacy gaps.

Tolkie’s efforts are more crucial than ever, particularly with the increasing effects of an aging population, immigration, and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. With approximately 16% of the Dutch population reading below the Dutch language B1 level, Tolkie aims to scale the implementation of the tool, continuously refining it based on user feedback, and fostering collaboration for a broader impact in addressing literacy challenges. This development is expected to have a positive impact on society by empowering individuals and enabling them to access information that was previously beyond their reach.