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Interactive DigiGuide well received by Rehabilitative Work Activities in Helsinki

Stereoscape Ltd, headquartered in Helsinki, has introduced an innovative interactive map for social services. A web-based solution called DigiGuide was developed in collaboration with the City of Helsinki’s Rehabilitative Work Activities department. It aims to transform how customers discover pertinent services and units offered by the city.

Accessible online via any smart device with a web browser, the interactive map underwent an extensive client-centric design process, incorporating feedback from collaborative sprints and user testing sessions. Developed iteratively with Stereoscape and the city department, the DigiGuide on Mapme platform facilitates seamless navigation and access to crucial information.

During the design sprint, workshops with city employees nurtured open communication, ensuring alignment with client expectations. Through user testing and one-to-one interviews, valuable insights were gathered to enrich user experiences and refine functionality.

Recognising a disparity between the initial concept and client expectations, the team pivoted towards a solution aligned with user needs, prompting the exploration of new software and platforms. This experience not only honed communication strategies but also deepened comprehension of accessibility considerations, ultimately enhancing workflows and user experience practices.

By prioritising user needs and fostering collaboration, DigiGuide pledges to streamline access to rehabilitative services, marking a significant milestone in digital innovation for Helsinki’s workforce.


Photo: Stereoscape Oy
Text: Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovaรงรฃo