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CommuniCity Project Spotlighted at “Become Better Connected” OASC Conference in Rotterdam

The “Become Better Connected” conference, collaboratively organised by the City of Rotterdam and Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) on January 16th-17th, 2024, focused on recalibrating and fortifying the global network for digital transformation in cities. Positioned at the forefront of this transformation, Rotterdam is actively constructing an open urban platform to shape its digital infrastructure, fostering collaboration with SMEs, universities, and OASC members. The conference offered an immersive experience, revealing the convergence of physical and digital realms and exploring innovative approaches to urban living.

On January 16th, Josephine Di Pino, OASC project manager, not only introduced the OASC project but also seized the opportunity to present and announce the Third Round of Open Calls for the CommuniCity project. Consortium partners Adeeb Sidani from Porto Digital and Neeltje Pavicic from the City of Amsterdam shared valuable insights into their experiences, addressing challenges and pilot programs.

The CommuniCity project emerged as a key focal point of discussion and innovation at the “Become Better Connected” OASC Conference in Rotterdam. With its groundbreaking initiatives and forward-looking approach, the project took centre stage, captivating the audience’s attention. The presentation not only provided a glimpse into the future prospects of CommuniCity’s goals but also made a substantial contribution to the dynamic discourse on digital transformation and urban development throughout the conference.

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Text: Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação
Images: OASC