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CommuniCity Porto Training Workshop – June 2023

The CommuniCity Porto Training Workshop started on June 27th at the Porto Innovation Hub. The first meeting, an internal day for the partners, discussed the process and results of the First Open Call, followed by a workshop led by Forum Virium Helsinki about setting out Open Calls and pilots, and finishing the day with scheduling and information about the Second Round of Calls.

Filipe Araújo (Porto’s Vice Mayor) and Pedro Baganha (Porto’s Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning)

On June 28th, the meeting started the day with the presence of Porto’s Vice Mayor, Filipe Araújo and Porto’s Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, Pedro Baganha, reinforcing the importance of the project to the city and for the social and urban integration of Campanhã region. The meeting continued with the project coordinator, Josephine DiPino, introducing the project, its goals, and plans for the Second and Third Calls. Forum Virium Helsinki was next on the schedule, providing detailed information about the Second Round scheduling and the Agile Piloting Process designed to support the pilots.

CommuniCity Partners

To finish the morning of the second day, the cities of Helsinki, Amsterdam, and Porto shared the lessons learned from the First Round, and the co-creation practicalities applied, such as the planning of the training workshop with the host city, Porto. In the afternoon, the technical tools for the pilots were introduced, followed by the presentation of the challenges for the Second Round for the cities of Amsterdam, Helsinki, and Porto, and the status and challenges of the new cities joining the project in September.

Field Trip to Corujeira area of Porto

The third day of the Porto Training started with a fieldtrip to Campanhã neighborhood in Porto, where the pilots of the three rounds will take place, and to meet the eight public housing buildings in the Corujeira area. The partners met in the afternoon for a workshop with ENoLL about virtual learning labs and collaborated in an interactive co-creation activity with suggestions for the proposed structure of the labs based on future internal and external activities planned for the project and the Living Labs.

Thank you to all partners present in the beautiful city of Porto for the shared experiences and plans for the future of the project.